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Campus Map

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Click the map images below to download a larger version.

3d campus map of bowie state university

  1. L2 Alex Haley Residence Hall  
  2. I3 James E. Proctor Jr. Building
  3. H3 Central Steam Plant
  4.  L6 Charlotte Robinson Hall  
  5. L5 Computer Science Building  
  6. K3 Dwight Holmes Residence Hall  
  7. L1 "Bulldog" Football Stadium  
  1. O6 Goodloe Apartments  
  2. A6 Goodloe House  
  3. I3 Harriet Tubman Residence Hall 
  4. K2 Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex
  5.  K3 Lucretia Kennard Residence Hall 
  6. N4 Facilities Management Building 
  7. D6 MARC Station
  1.  H5 Martin Luther King Jr. Communication Arts Center
  2.  L3 Christa McAuliffe Residential Community
  3.  L2 Tennis and Basketball Courts
  4.  J2 Theodore McKeldin Gymnasium
  5.  L2 Towers Residence Hall
  6.  I4 William E. Henry Administration Building
  7.  K3 Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing
  8.  K4 Thurgood Marshall Library
  9.  I6 Center for Business and Graduate Studies
  10.  M6 Fine & Performing Arts Center
  11.  L4 Student Center
  12.  M2 Field House
  13.  K1 Softball Field
  14.  K2 Track and Field

2d campus map of bowie state university