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Freshman Information

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Freshmen at Bowie State UniversityFreshman year in college is a big transition and can be difficult to navigate successfully without the proper support. The staff at the Academic Advising Center provides the following programs and services to smooth your adjustment.

Freshman Advising at New Student Orientation

Before starting your journey as a student at Bowie State, you will meet with an academic advising specialist to help you understand the courses you must take to advance toward graduation. Visit the Freshman Advising and Registration page for more information about what to expect during New Student Orientation.

Freshman Student Advising

The relationship between you and your advisor is one of the most important ones that you’ll have at Bowie State. In addition to working with students on developing academic plans and scheduling courses each semester, your advisor is instrumental in helping you develop life skills, identify resources, and make necessary referrals. Students are encouraged to read through the Freshman Guide to Advising & Registration receive additional information about advising and campus resources.

Freshman Seminar

The Freshman Seminar (FRSE 101) course is designed to engage students in learning, acquaint them with the learning tools and resources available at Bowie State University, and orient them to the scholarly community from the outset of their undergraduate studies in a way that will bridge to later experiences in their chosen majors. In addition, FRSE facilitates students’ adjustment to the high expectations, demanding workload, increased academic liberties, and other aspects of the transition to college life and introduces them to their responsibilities as members of the University community. Full-time staff, including academic advising specialists, teach FRSE and, as the name implies, conduct sections in the fall and spring semesters. This provides opportunities for students to develop relationships with full-time staff and other students in academic areas of interest to them. A sample syllabus will provide an overview of the minimum class expectations.

Each baccalaureate student must complete at least three (3) credits (one class) of the Freshman Seminar.

Registration Assistance

Students are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester, prior to registering for classes, to discuss:

  • confirmation of major/minor/concentration
  • academic standing
  • academic requirements
  • class schedule for upcoming term(s)
  • student concerns

Students are expected to register for classes through Bulldog Connection.