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General Education Requirements

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General Education Requirements:
See the University Undergraduate Course Catalog (pages 118-120) for specific information. General Education requirements are often major specific. Consult with your academic advisor prior to choosing General Education courses. 

  • English Composition

ENGL 101  Expository Writing
ENGL 102  Argument and Research
ENGL PRO English Proficiency Exam (EPE) after the completion of ENGL 101, 102

6 credit hours required

  • Arts and Humanities - choose one course from two different disciplines

ART 101 2D Design

ART 110 Introduction to Drawing

ART 111  Life Drawing

ART 200  African Art: Past and Present

ART 230  Introduction to Computer Graphics

ART 299  Art Survey

COMM 101 Oral Communications

COMM 103 Public Speaking

ENGL 211 Literatures of the World

ENGL 213 Cinema of African & African Diaspora

FREN 101 First Year French I

FREN 102 First Year French II

MUSC 101 Fundamentals of Music

MUSC 110 Music Technology

MUSC 302 Introduction to Music

PHIL 101   Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 103   Introduction to Principles of Reasoning

SPAN 101 First Year Spanish I

SPAN 102 First Year Spanish II

THEA 105 Introduction to Theatre

THEA 110 Pilates Fitness

6 credit hours required

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences - Choose one course from two different disciplines

ANTH 102  Introduction to Anthropology

CAAS 101  Introduction to Child & Adolescent Studies

CAAS 282  Domestic & Family Violence

CRJU  201  Introduction to Criminal Justice
ECON 211  Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 212  Principles of Microeconomics
GEOG 101  Elements of Geography
GOVT 130  Introduction to Political Science

GOVT 140  Introduction to Comparative Politics

GOVT 231  U.S. National Government

GOVT 240  Black Politics in the United States
HIST 111   World Civilizations to 1500

HIST 114*  African-American History to 1865

HIST 115*  African-American History from 1865

HIST 202   US History to 1865
PSYC 101  Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 200  Introduction to Psychopathology
SOCI 101  Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 203  Deviant Behavior

6 credit hours required

  • Natural Science - 2 courses, at least one lab science required

BIOL 101 Biological Science w/ Lab (4 credits)

BIOL 203 Oceanus w/o Lab (3 credits)

CHEM 107 General Chemistry I w/ Lab (4 credits)

PHSC 100 Physical Science w/Lab (4 credits)

PHSC 101 Earth Science w/Lab (4 credits)

PHYS 271 General Physics I w/Lab (5 credits)

PHYS 272 General Physics II w/Lab (5 credits)

*HIST 114 or HIST 115 is required

7-8 credit hours required

  • Mathematics - 1 course in math at or above college algebra

MATH 118  Finite Mathematics

MATH 125  College Algebra

MATH 141  Pre-calculus I

MATH 150  Pre-Calculus (Honors)

MATH 215  Elements of Calculus

MATH 225 Calculus I

3 credit hours required

  • Technology - 1 course 

BUIS  260  Computer Application for Business

COSC 110  Computer Literacy & Applications

COSC 111  Computer Principles & Technology

COSC 112  Computer Science I

COSC 113  Computer Science II

CTEC  125  Introduction to Visual Basic

3 credit hours required

  • Free General Education Electives

Courses chosen with a departmental advisor from any category within the General Education Course List above.

9 credit hours required

Total General Education Requirements

40 hours

  • Institutional Requirements - 1 course in Health/Wellness

HEED 102  Life & Health

HEED 200  Fundamentals of Sex Education 
IDIS  210  Contemporary Issues in Women's Health

3 credit hours required

  • Institutional Requirements - 1 course in Freshman Seminar

FRSE 101 Freshman Seminar

3 credit hours required

Total General Education & Institutional Requirements

** Students are required to complete a total of 46 credit hours of general education course and 6 credit hours of institutional Requirements.  Please consult your academic departments for details related to your specific programs.