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Parking and Transportation

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The option of purchasing annual parking permits through payroll deduction is available to regular PIN faculty and staff.  Contingent staffs, long-term contractual and adjunct faculty employees are not eligible for this benefit.  In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code, the permit must be purchased through the payroll deduction option in order to be eligible for the Pre-Tax Benefit.

The Pre-Tax Deduction Authorization Form must be completed by 8/22/2017 for all qualified full-time faculty and staff for the parking permit for 2015-16.  Form can be obtained from the Human Resources (HR), Department of Campus Safety (DPS), McKeldin Gym or on the HR and DPS website.  Bi-weekly deductions will be made for a total of 20 pay periods beginning September and ending in May.  The deduction will appear on your paystub as 20-PAY PARKING.

New employees hired after September will begin their payroll deduction on the next payroll cycle after completion of the Authorization Form.  New employees hired from June to August of each year will be required to purchase a short-term permit through the Student Accounts Office.

Once payroll deductions have been initiated by the State Central Payroll Bureau, there will be no refunds.   The payroll deduction will automatically renew in July of each year and parking fees can be amended in accordance with future fee changes.   An employee may also select to cancel this payroll deduction at this time by checking the “Cancel  Box” on the Deduction Authorization Form.

Deductions end upon separation of service to the University It is the employee’s responsibility to return the parking permit to the Parking Office before the Clearance Certificate Form will be completed by Campus Safety.

Who Must Obtain a Parking Permit?

All students, faculty, staff, part-time and contractual employees, vendors, contractors, telecommuters, visitors and guests must obtain a parking permit to be allowed to park a vehicle on the Bowie State University campus.

Parking Permits

To obtain a parking permit for the current year, fees may be paid at the Office of Student Accounts or students, faulty or staff may pay with their Bowie Card (if funds are available) at the Department of Public Safety Parking Office in McKeldin Gym. 

The valid receipt is taken to the DPS Parking Office located in Robinson Hall or McKeldin Gym; an Application for a Parking Permit is filled out; and the permit is issuedA refund will be issued only if a scheduled class has been canceled and that is the only class in which the student is enrolled.

Pre-Tax Parking Permit Process for Full-Time Faculty/Staff

Please see above fourth and fifth bullet above for further information.

Special Medical Arrangements

To utilize a handicapped space on campus, a driver must purchase a BSU parking permit and meet the State requirements to obtain a disability placard or handicap license plate.

Valid Parking Permit

A permit is valid only when it corresponds to the license plate number registered at the BSU Parking Office; displayed properly, visible, and not suspended, altered, or revoked. A parking permit is transferable only to vehicles listed on the registration card. If the permit is affixed to an unregistered vehicle, the owner of the vehicle will be subject to a $100 fine, and the owner of the permit is subject to revocation of parking privileges (with no refund). All permits must hang from the rearview mirror with the expiration date visible from the front of the vehicle. Motorcycles must be registered.

Parking Permit Fees 2017-2018

Named Reserve - Faculty/Staff

  • $153.00
  • $122.40 with Green Car discount

Reserved - Faculty/Staff

  • $105.00
  • $84.00 with Green Car discount


  • $90.00
  • $72.00 with Green Car discount

Faculty - Fall Semester Only

  • $50.00
  • $40.00 with Green Car discount

Staff - Fall Semester Only

  • $50.00
  • $40.00 with Green Car discount

Resident Student          

  • $69.00
  • $52.20 with Green Car discount

Commuter Student  

  • $68.00
  • $54.80 with Green Car discount

Fall Semester - Commuter Students Only

  • $46.00
  • $36.80 with Green Car discount


  • $29.00

January 1st of each year the permit fee for all NEW incoming students, faculty, and staff will be; Named Res F/S $76.50, Res F/S $52.50; F/S $45.00; Resident $34.50, Commuter Students $34.00

Permits for an academic year must be in place by September 1st and expires on August 31th. Note: expiration DATE is on the hangtag.

Freshmen resident students do not have the privilege of having a vehicle on campus. If extraordinary circumstances exist that would necessitate having a vehicle on campus, those circumstances must be presented in the form of a letter to the Parking Administrator at The Parking Administrator will notify the student of the decision.

Parking Lot Designations: The parking permit designates the lots eligible to park in. If parked in a lot other than  the designated lot, the vehicle could be subject to a citation and/or towed at owner's expense.



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