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Male Initiative

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BSU-Male-InitiativeThe focus of the initiative is on the advancement of male students at Bowie State University. Those who choose to participate in this initiative are committed to helping our male students to reach their full potential through the development of their academic, personal, and social skills.  Ultimately, we believe that this will lead to higher retention and graduation rates for our young men.

Download Male Initiative Brochure - PDF

Donations to the Male Initiative can be made via the BSU Foundation online donation page. In the “I would like my gift to benefit” box, please choose “Other” and then specify the BSU Male Initiative.


The goals of the Bowie State University Male Initiative are:

  1. Strengthen the secondary-to-higher education pipeline to enable many more male students to attend college
  2. Increase male admission and graduation rates at Bowie State University
  3. Improve faculty and staff education to prepare the university to address the needs of the men of Bowie
  4. Reduce the attrition rate of men at Bowie
  5. Provide strong campus leadership on the challenges facing youth and men in the community and beyond.

The objectives of the Bowie State University Male Initiative are:

  1. Recruit from diverse socioeconomic populations and localities
  2. Educate through a structured, tiered program designed to help students utilize the resources (including academic support offices and programs, financial assistance, and student life and engagement) in order to be successful
  3. Retain students through continued mentoring and support programs
  4. Promote involvement and inclusion in leadership activities, both on-campus and in the community
  5. Promote community service and engagement
  6. Facilitate and promote developmental mentoring.

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