Automated Passport Control (APC)

BWI Marshall Airport has twenty, self-service Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks available for all U.S. and Canadian passport holders, lawful permanent residents and ESTA approved passengers from Visa Waiver countries. Use of the APC kiosks is free and does not require pre-enrollment. With the APC, you don’t have to fill out a paper declaration form. It’s all done electronically. Just follow the red lane in the immigration hall. For more information on Automated Passport Control visit


Mobile Passport Control (MPC)

Mobile Passport Control (MPC) utilizes an app on your smart phone to help you breeze through customs. MPC is available to U.S and Canadian citizens only. Download the MPC mobile app and set up your personal profile prior to flying. For each international return, use the app to enter your return flight information and answer the standard customs declaration questions. Once you land at BWI Marshall Airport, hit send and CBP will provide an electronic receipt to your phone. Follow the light blue MPC exit lane located in the immigration hall. The MPC app and its use are free. For more information on Mobile Passport Control visit