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CLEAR is a biometric secure identity platform that uses their Fast Touch TechnologyTM and dedicated member-only lanes to speed travelers through security, consistently getting them to their gate in less than 5 minutes on average. Travelers at BWI Marshall Airport can enroll at Checkpoints A, B, C, and D and can use the service immediately to skip the security line.

This technology expedites the security screening process at major U.S. airports across the country and CLEAR works with TSA PreCheck at all of its locations. For members that are PreCheck eligible, they can first use the CLEARlane to scan their boarding pass then proceed directly into PreCheck screening where they can keep their shoes, light jacket, etc. on. Using both services in tandem is the fastest and easiest way through airport security.

For a demonstration on how CLEAR works, view this video:


CLEAR hours and locations at BWI-Marshall:

Location Hours of Operation
Checkpoint B CLEARlane Daily 5am-9pm
Checkpoint C CLEARlane Daily 5am-7pm
Checkpoint D CLEARlane Daily 5am-7pm
Checkpoint A Enrollment Daily 5am-7pm
Checkpoint B Enrollment Daily 5am-9pm
Checkpoint C Enrollment Daily 5am-7pm
Checkpoint D Enrollment Daily 5am-7pm